Nourishing Calendula Body Cream 250ml

The skin feels soft, elastic and is reborn! The vegetable oils (marigold, almond and wheat germ) nourish, moisturize and regenerate the skin by using these natural substances.

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  • Cosmetic properties and the active ingredients:

    The distinguishing feature of this product is its high concentration of substances that are fundamental
    are important for nutrition and recovery of the elasticity of the skin (anti-aging).

    Shea butter has healing, soothing, anti-redness properties.

    Collagen is used in cosmetics field for protective and moisturizing skin treatment products.

    Vitamin complex contains the main vitamins used in cosmetics for nourishing and renewing the skin.

    Vitamin A: conditioner that works on the horn layer.

    Vitamin E: Used to treat redness and aging of the skin.

    Vitamin H: protected against UV.

    Vitamin F (linoleic acid) and Calcium Pantothenate: Moisturizing, soothing, refreshing, anti-redness.