The perfect solution for silky hair. Polishing with Argan oil and gold-colored dust does not weigh down the hair. USE: shake before use, spray on wet hair, gives definition before and during cutting and shine on dry hair.


Stem-C Fortify Hair Loss Preventive Ampoules of 8 of 10ml

Anti hair loss treatment with improved formulation that fights progressive and persistent hair loss


01 Every Day Shampoo 250ml

✔︎ Shampoo so mild that it is even suitable for children. ✔︎ With extracts of cornflower and chamomile for a fine scent sensation!


Stem-C Fortify Hair Loss Preventive Shampoo 250 ml

Dermo-cosmetic preventive shampoo is a treatment for hair loss. It strengthens and nourishes the scalp and hair thanks to the action of active stem cells from grape and follicusan.


Argan Hand Cream 65ml

Hands, the most delicate parts of the body, especially due to external factors such as pollution and weather conditions. 22 Luxury Argan hand cream is ideal for all types of skin and nails, it absorbs quickly leaving soft, nourished hands


22 Luxury Argan Curl 150ml

How to get beautiful and shiny enviable curly hair? HOW TO USE : Apply Argan Curl liberally to wet hair, use a diffuser or let it air dry. Apply Argan Curl to dry hair every day to shape and support curls.


Roosmarinus mask 125ml

Natural, nourishing mask based on rosemary extract and vegetable proteins for hair and scalp with dermo-compatible moisturizing effect. The scalp purifies, revitalizes the hair and has antiseptic and toning properties.


21 Dust Your Style

Easily create a desired style with extra sturdiness.


22 Luxury Argan Body Mist Moisterizing 150ml

Optimal hydration for your skin concentrated in micro nebulized sprays.


Stem-C Purify Dandruff Preventive Shampoo 1 Liter

Anti-dandruff purifying treatment based on active stem cells of grape and piroctone olamine, effective in normalizing and purifying the scalp and giving hair freshness. It slows down the production of dandruff.


Absolut Blond Kit set of 3 care products for blond hair

00 Silver Shampoo 100ml With blue/violet pigment for blond, white and gray hair. 14 Colored Hair Conditioner 250ml Ingredients of the latest generation. 22 Luxery Argan Oil In wet hair and on dry hair every day. It dries very quickly.

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