The perfect solution for silky hair. Polishing with Argan oil and gold-colored dust does not weigh down the hair. USE: shake before use, spray on wet hair, gives definition before and during cutting and shine on dry hair.


Stem-C Fortify Hair Loss Preventive Ampoules of 8 of 10ml

Anti hair loss treatment with improved formulation that fights progressive and persistent hair loss


01 Every Day Shampoo 250ml

✔︎ Shampoo so mild that it is even suitable for children. ✔︎ With extracts of cornflower and chamomile for a fine scent sensation!


21 Dust Your Style

Easily create a desired style with extra sturdiness.


Pinus Mugo shampoo 250ml

Cleanses and purifies the scalp, improves the structure and shine of the hair. Ensures healthy hair and scalp. Has extraordinary antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, is a powerful ally for a healthy scalp.


Disinfectant hand gel 75% alcohol 100ml

Hand sanitizing gel. This liquid, transparent gel is able to reduce the amount of germs and bacteria on the skin thanks to the alcohol it contains. Application The product can be used to effectively disinfect hands in all situations where there is no poss

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