21 Dust Your Style

Easily create a desired style with extra sturdiness.


SpaceTaormina Shaving Cream 100ml

Spa-Ce Taormina Shaving Cream is a rich shaving cream with green tea and ginger extract for optimal care while shaving.


Stem-C Fortify Hair Loss Preventive Ampoules of 8 of 10ml

Anti hair loss treatment with improved formulation that fights progressive and persistent hair loss


Space Cortina Beard, Hair and Body Shower Gel for Man 150 ml

Cortina beard, hair and body shower gel for men. The combination of bamboo, mint, aloe vera extract and vitamin E provide a calming and moisturizing effect on the skin and hair.


07 Tonic Shampoo 250ml

✔︎ Very refreshing for, for example, after a workout or a hard working day! ✔︎ The fresh mint oil and the tingling effect provide a maximum fresh and relaxed feeling. ✔︎ Formula with vitalising ingredients such as creatine and the ginseng extract.


Brush set of 5

➜ 16 mm ➜ 25 mm ➜ 33 mm ➜ 43 mm ➜ 53 mm


Stem-C Fortify Hair Loss Preventive Shampoo 250 ml

Dermo-cosmetic preventive shampoo is a treatment for hair loss. It strengthens and nourishes the scalp and hair thanks to the action of active stem cells from grape and follicusan.


Disinfectant hand gel 75% alcohol 100ml

Hand sanitizing gel. This liquid, transparent gel is able to reduce the amount of germs and bacteria on the skin thanks to the alcohol it contains. Application The product can be used to effectively disinfect hands in all situations where there is no poss


Space Firenze After Shave Balm 100ml

Firenze After shave balm is a refreshing, caring after shave balm that has an anti-irritation effect.


Try me pack big

Try me! Can not you choose? Order our test package first so that you can determine which one you like best!


01 Every Day Shampoo 250ml

✔︎ Shampoo so mild that it is even suitable for children. ✔︎ With extracts of cornflower and chamomile for a fine scent sensation!

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