01 Every Day Shampoo 250ml

✔︎ Shampoo so mild that it is even suitable for children. ✔︎ With extracts of cornflower and chamomile for a fine scent sensation!


Travel Kit - 01 Every Day 2 x 50ml

Traveling soon? Take your favorite shampoo and conditioner with you in travel format! Can be taken in hand luggage.


Absolut Blond Kit set of 3 care products for blond hair

00 Silver Shampoo 100ml With blue/violet pigment for blond, white and gray hair. 14 Colored Hair Conditioner 250ml Ingredients of the latest generation. 22 Luxery Argan Oil In wet hair and on dry hair every day. It dries very quickly.


22 Luxury Argan Curl Routine 3 items

Curling ritual. 22 Luxury Argan shampoo, mask and curl cream Apply Argan Curl liberally to wet hair, use a diffuser or let it air dry. Apply Argan Curl to dry hair every day to shape and support curls.